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Kristin Booker • July 31, 2015

Travel Beauty: Out of the Office and Cruisin’

So, remember I was talking about going on a vacation with my mother? Well, this is the week I was talking about. I’m OUTTA HERE.

Let this post officially serve as my Out of Office. 🙂

I know going on vacation with your mother as an adult is something people may or may not do. I also know that some might not consider it that big of a deal. It is for us because a) this is our first vacation together in twelve years, and b) my mom has never left the country before. It’s kind of an awesome experience for me because Mom is responsible for all the adventures we took when I was little. I learned how to travel as a child because of her, and she was there for all my formative experiences as a young journeyman. It’s awesome to be able to return the favor and watch her experience something amazing. It kind of feels like we’ve come full circle.

Me in the Bahamas with Mom's purse (she took the photo) at 8 years old.

Me in the Bahamas with Mom’s purse (she took the photo) at 8 years old.

This is one vacation where I’m officially off the grid. No phone, no Instagram, no email – nada. I’ve packed a notebook, a real book, a camera, and some bathing suits. We needed to get out papers in order, so we went to the social security card administration office in Arizona and got our passports in order. Oh, and these essentials.

Since we’re heading to the Caribbean, sunscreen is non-negotiable. We’re about to use more sunscreen in eight days than we have used all summer. This L’Oreal Advance Suncare Quick Dry Sheer Finish Spray SPF 50 ($7.99) is a good broad spectrum sunscreen that will be perfect for walking around the islands and some lazy beach time. I like it because it has antioxidants which help protect the skin from the inside while the SPF protects the skin from the outside. It’s like an added insurance policy.

Holiday Beauty


That blue box is part of Moroccanoil’s new sun collection. The beloved argan oil company has launched a line of sun care that includes that antioxidant-rich oil along with Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish while it provides broad-spectrum protection. It’s also water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, so it’ll be great for swimming. I’ve packed the SPF 30 ($32,) SPF 50 ($32,) and the After Sun Milk ($28), which is a luxurious skin conditioner that helps to nourish skin after sun exposure. It’s also packed with Vitamin E, argan oil, and aloe. We’ll keep that in a cool, dry place and use it often.

Moroccanoil Sun


I’m also packing a ton of Pureology hair care since between sun, sea, salt air and water, and chlorine, we’re going to need some serious hair repair. The Strength Cure Shampoo ($25.87,) Conditioner ($29.49,) and Restorative Masque ($57.50) will help repair any damage vacation does. Because, you know, we still have to wear that hair post-vacation. If you are dealing with hair thinning check out how to find a treatment system for hair loss in women.

holiday hair


But the most important thing is that we get a chance to spend one uninterrupted week together for some fun in the sun and bonding time. The fact that I’ve packed all the sunscreen in the free world and hair protection is just to make sure we can enjoy a little time feeling and looking our best. There will be posts going live as I travel, but for right now, I am outta here.



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