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Kristin Booker • July 9, 2013

Try It: My Top 10 Amazing, Bright Pink Summer Lipsticks

LOVING the bright pink lip look from this Maybelline lipstick this summer!

LOVING the bright pink lip look from this Maybelline lipstick this summer!

Let’s face it: bold lip color is one of those things you can just work better in the summer.

Sun-kissed skin (with sunscreen, of course), healthy outdoor air…

Oh, who are we kidding? Who wants to slather on a whole bunch of makeup during the summer? Yikes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

No thank you. This is when a good, brightly-colored lipstick is like an first glass upgrade to your whole look. Concealer, mascara and a good lip is all the makeup you need when the sidewalks are melting. Honestly, if lipstick and cut-off shorts are all I could wear from June – September, I would be a happy woman.

I’m a late convert to pink (I’m not particularly girly), but I’ve become a huge fan of bright pink lips this summer. The colors work on most skin tones (just avoid super blue-based hues if you have a yellow undertone..go for a warmer magenta) and they scream “I am out of the house. LET’S DO THIS.”

Here are my favorite top ten bright pink lipsticks at all price points, including the one I’m wearing in the photo, which is Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color in Vivid Rose, which clocks in at an amazing price point of just $5.54. Check out the slide show below and pick out your own favorite!


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