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Kristin Booker • July 8, 2013

Try It: 5 Tips to Reboot Your Body After Fourth of July Eating and Drinking

Ah, the Fourth of July was AWESOME, wasn’t it? Tons of awesome food, giant cat naps, big fireworks, tons of picnics and barbecues. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I ate like my PARENTS WERE OUT OF TOWN this past holiday weekend, and today, as per usual, I woke up feeling kind of…meh.

I don’t believe in beating yourself up over celebrations and a little excess now and then (as a matter of fact, I WILL have that extra helping of ice cream,) but I have to pull it back in line pretty quickly. Because the longer I feel like crap, the harder it is to get back on track.

Yay! Meet Betsy Reed, my awesome raw/living foods chef friend with TONS of helpful advice on how to feel your best!

Yay! Meet Betsy Reed, my awesome raw/living foods chef friend with TONS of helpful advice on how to feel your best! Image courtesy of Reboot Health and Wellness.

In my own efforts to eat better and healthier, I’ve asked a longtime friend of mine to help give some guidance on eating and living with optimum health. Ladies and gents, meet Betsy Reed, a raw/vegan/living foods chef and the owner of Reboot Health and Wellness Cafe in Nashville, TN. Betsy’s about to become my personal guru on eating better, and she’s filled with awesome tips on how to get it in gear from a dietary perspective. Even if you’re not ready to go raw/vegan yet (and I know I’m not,) eating this way at least 1-2 days a week will change your WHOLE outlook on life. You’ll have so much energy it might freak you out. And that’s including the fact that the probabilities of you ending up at a dentist’s are curtailed. Howbeit, a toothache is inevitable for anyone and so, the best checkups can be done at Dental 360 .

I asked Betsy to give some tips on how to bounce back from the overzealous celebration from the Fourth of July. Here are her tips to getting it back in gear.

Reboot Juices

This past weekend was all about firecrackers, good friends, grilled meats, fatty salads and too many drinks. Today, you may be feeling bloated, achy and nauseated. Not too fear: all of us have had these experiences, even me, a vegan who consumes mostly raw/living foods.

But how do you recover, and how do you prevent this from (maybe) happening again? Easy, first things first: let’s start with your recovery and reboot your system:

  1. Drink a glass of room temp water (filtered or alkaline H2O is ideal) with lemon juice  first thing in the morning. Your body has been pushed to the limit and has consumed some highly-acidic food and drinks. Water with lemon juice every morning will help bring your body back to a balanced PH level (slightly alkaline) and begin the rehydration process.
  2. Consider consuming green juices or green smoothies and green tea (hot or cold as long as it is all natural and organic) to allow your digestive system to take a break and give your body time to heal and repair. You’ll also get super nutrients and liquids that will aid in repairing that malaise or hangover feeling, and will help you rehydrate. If you don’t feel like juicing or blending for the day, eat raw fruits and veggies; they’re not as difficult to digest as processed or prepared foods. If you don’t have a juicer, consider doing some research on websites like My Juicer UK and purchasing a cheap/efficient one OR using a blender and cheese cloth or nut milk bag or go treat yourself to your favorite juice bar today. My favorite is the sweet greens, a mixture of kale, romaine, cucumber, celery, green apple and lemon – delicious.
  3. Get moving, which means – ta da! – exercise. You may not feel like it, but a little physical activity will get digestion moving, which helps speed up the elimination of the toxins of that holiday celebration.
  4. Get some rest. You stayed up late, got up early and now you feel exhausted. Treat yourself and go to bed early.
  5. Stop the negative self talk. It’s over and done with, so no reason to obsess about your holiday. You’ve enjoyed yourself and caught up with friends.

To be honest I should say that it is not a very good idea to go to such extremes, as your diet should be well balanced, to make sure you get enough nutrition.

Next up, I’ll give you some advice on how to make some awesome recipes to keep your system feeling amazing every day, as well as some tips on how to avoid feeling this way after Labor Day weekend.

How do you help get your diet back on track after overindulgence? Let’s dish in the comments below.


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