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Kristin Booker • August 1, 2013

Try It: Maybelline Great Lash Limited-Edition Colored Mascara

Maybelline New York Great Lash Limited-Edition Colored Mascara. Image courtesy of Maybelline New York.

Maybelline New York Great Lash Limited-Edition Colored Mascara. Image courtesy of Maybelline New York.

I know how things get. There are periods in your life where you’re just on strike. It’s too hot, you’re bored, something in your life just isn’t going the way it’s supposed to go and it feels like things are in general suckage mode. We all have them. Some days are thieves of joy, people.

One of my best friends said something super important to me once: when the going gets tough, the tough dress up. It’s time to shelve the no-makeup look, girls and boys, because what you need right now is some colored mascara and Maybelline New York has got the hook-up.

That’s right: inspired by Fashion Week, Maybelline New York is issuing six vibrantly-colored Great Lash mascaras inspired by the runway, and they are TO DIE FOR. Like, maybe not omg-I-won-the-lottery-we-gonna-go-to-VEGAS-y’all exciting, but as close as you can get with makeup. I’d put them in the range of damn-I-look-super-cute-today-let’s-DO-THIS exciting.

Colored mascara is kind of like making eyes with a cute guy across the room while you’re on a date. No one is really aware that something really awesome is going on, but you and the person who happened to spot you are so aware it’s happening that nothing else IS happening. It’s that kind of party, people. Get into it.

The six hues are Green With Envy, I See Blue, So Very Berry, Teal Appeal, Vision in Violet and Wink of Pink. How do you wear them without looking like you still play with Barbie dolls, you ask? Well, if you’re shy, you layer them over the tips of black mascara so they pop, or just use it as two coats on naked lashes with a basic black, brown or blue liner. If you’re feeling sassy, wear the colored mascara with a contrasting liner (teal liner and violet mascara, for instance) and go for a nude glossy lip. Any way you look at it, these mascaras are the business.

They’re on sale RIGHT THIS MINUTE and ONLY for the month of August, so hop to it. Dying to see what looks you create for your pretty peepers.

Maybelline Limited-Edition Colored Mascaras, retailing for $6.40 at fine drugstores and selected retailer, like Target


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