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Kristin Booker • April 29, 2015

Try The Trend: Wide-Legged Pants at Night

So, this is the last time you’ll see these drapey, awesome pants. Say goodbye, BUT before we go, I want to talk a little about how why I chose them.


When it comes to clothes, there are always a lot of rules. If you look at any magazine cover, there are plenty of ways these rules are enforced, including things like The Age Issue. Cut your hair short, don’t wear pencil skirts, oh wait – wear a pencil skirt, no high hemlines as you age, nothing tight, hide yourself inside with cats and never come out if you wear florals….you get the picture.



As an hourglass-shaped woman, I should be terrified of these pants. Someone I know on Facebook commented, “You’re lucky you’re tall enough to wear them.” Well, not really. I just hiked up the waist when I wore flats and I let the waist down when I was in heels. That’s a trick I learned from my mom when I was growing into my clothes: pull the waist higher if they’re closer to the ground.



Or, you know, you can just take things to your dry cleaner to get them shortened. But, I digress.

The reason I wanted to try these pants is because they’re sneaky soft but otherwise sort of daunting. There’s nowhere to hide in big, wide-legged pants. You can’t duck into the corner, there’s no escaping attention. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m actually quite introverted. I don’t love being the center of attention in a room. I’d rather look great and get the occasional compliment than roll into the middle wearing holiday tree lights (although I know people who do that and they look AWESOME.) I like these pants. They’re elegant but not stuffy. As in, anyone can feel just a bit more glamorous wearing them.


As I was running all over New York shooting these pants, it started to rain toward the middle of the shoot. Rain and silky, drapey pants aren’t usually the best combination, but the pants actually started to look BETTER. They’re kind of the wingman of pants: take them into any situation and they’ll rise to the occasion. I love them. We’re forever friends now.


Rain or shine, I think you should wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself. These pants give me super confidence. You might not see them again on the blog, but know that I’m pretty married to them. People who know me here in New York should be prepared to see a lot of them through the warmer months. After all, their final benefit is a built-in ventilation system at the bottom in the way of a wider opening at the ankle, will even look goo if you use an ankle brace.


Oh, pants…how I love you.


What I’m wearing:(new) Zara Drapey Pleated Drawstring Trousers; (the following are existing items in my wardrobe) Helmut Lang jacket; CC Skye The Clear Lucite Clutch; vintage lariat necklace (this is a great alternative); Jimmy Choo pumps (no longer available, but this style is amazing.)

All photos in this post: Ashley Sears Photography



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