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Kristin Booker • April 24, 2012

Try This: Gel Manicures You Can Do At Home

My first experience with gel manicures happened a year ago, when friends of mine were reveling in their scratch-and-dent-proof nails, talking about how the manicures would last for DAYS. Tales of The Bulletproof Manicure would emerge, starting with stories about how zippers, drawers, handbag closures – nothing would chip them.

Seemingly Wonder Woman-like tales of practically ripping car doors off with their bare hands or deflecting a hail of gunfire without a dent or scratch to the nails would come forth. No drying time? Lasts two weeks? Wonder Woman effects without all that spinning around? Sign me up.

Except, what happens when you can’t make it to the salon?

SensatioNAIL Starter Kit

Gals, I have the cure for what’s ailing you. Tried and tested, I give you SensatioNAIL, an at-home gel manicure kit. The Starter Kit ($60) , sold in your local CVS and Wal-Mart retailers, comes in one of two basic colors (a raspberry pink or a great basic all-purpose blue-red) as well as a primer,  base and top coat and LED light with a timer. Folks, this kit is really goof-proof. Follow the instructions and in about 15 minutes TOPS, you have a gel manicure.

SensatioNAIL Invincible Gel Polish

Plus, at a price of $60, you can get 10-15 manicures for the price of one gel mani. You can also purchase additional nail colors – the Invincible Gel Polish ($12) comes in 12 shades. If you’re a gel mani kind of gal, this kit is a new favorite beauty toy of mine. Go forth and gel away!



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