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Kristin Booker • July 24, 2014

Must-See TV: Undone with @AmandadeCadenet

I don’t really love doing announcements for programs and projects because it feels like I’m inundated with daily emails about promoting something for someone, but when it’s something I believe in (and it’s unsolicited, which feels better,) I’m all about letting you know about it.
So, that said, please know that I’ll be online to support one of my icons, Amanda de Cadenet, in the launch of her new nighttime talk show on Lifetime TV, Undone with @AmandadeCadenet.

In case you’re not familiar with one of my icons, this former party girl turned master photographer and interviewer shoots for everyone from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue to Vanity Fair, and has a knack for getting really famous and relatively reserved individuals to bare a very intimate side. I’ve been a fan of Amanda’s for a really long time. Truth be told, there’s a photo of the actress/snapshot with Courtney Love from a 1995 Oscars party on my desk. It’s a testament to never forgetting one’s wild streak. Wild horses can never really be tamed….this, I know.

But where I became incredibly passionate about supporting the pro-woman power player is via her interview series, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet. It ran for one brief season on Lifetime, and it was WAY too good and had a run that was WAY too short. Since then, it’s lived on Amanda’s website, and now I believe some of that amazing fairy dust will be sprinkled onto her foray into the nighttime television space.

She’s teed up to compete in the primetime space, and I want to be there to support her. The woman is all about talking about the deeper things that make us who we are, about celebrating the pretty parts and embracing the darker spaces. I am ALL ABOUT this show becoming successful.

No one is paying me to say this, there’s no sponsorship in this post. I’m personally the world’s biggest fan of Amanda’s and I want her to WIN, you guys. Will you help? Just tune into Lifetime TV tonight at 10:30 pm ET and 9:30 pm PT. Her twitter handle is @amandadecadenet, mine is @fashionstbeauty. Let’s support one of our own tonight, shall we?

As a matter of fact, I might start popping popcorn now….



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