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Kristin Booker • August 16, 2011

Unfair Weather Fashion: The DKNY Active Voyager Rain Boot

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the weather we’ve been having lately, but there are ducks wearing rain gear floating down the streets of Manhattan.

Well, not REALLY but the weather has been foul and as per its usual trend, it gets a wee bit messy transitioning seasons, which means before you start thinking about all that fabulous fair weather fashion, you’re going to want to think about your options for UNFAIR weather fashion. As in, rain and messiness.

I love a Wellie as much as the next girl, but what do you do with said boots when you reach your destination? For those of us urbanites on the go, there’s a solution: the DKNY Active Voyager Rain Boot. A great wellie that – wait for it – collapses into itself and folds neatly into a nylon pouch. That’s right, they just roll up and store away when you’re done in a package small enough for your favorite tote bag. Just unfold and use when you’re ready to go back out and face the elements again.

They come in multiple hues (the red are just adorable and the green have that very traditional English feel.)

Kind of a cute way to “roll” with the weather, don’t you think?

DKNY Active Voyager Rain Boots, available via DKNY stores and their website


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