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Kristin Booker • April 8, 2011

Want To Lose Weight This Spring? Join Me On The “40 in 40” Challenge!

Ok, so you’ve seen the videos I’ve done as part of my preferred diet plan and that got me thinking about how to share that with you. Look, spring is coming and everyone’s got a couple of lbs to shed from this crazy winter we just had. I personally have a big birthday coming up in June and my goal is to get into a fabulous red bikini this summer.

This is why I’m creating my own little initiative, “40 for 40.” It stands for 40 lbs lost in 40 weeks. Starting this week, I’m going to try to lose one pound a week with the goal of losing 40 lbs at the very end. One pound a week is reasonable and – most important – it will stay off. Want to join me?

Do you have a fabulous event coming up? Are you thinking that this is the last time you’re scared of shorts for the summer or that you’re tired of feeling like you don’t want to show you legs and/or arms? Ok, then join me on this amazing journey and let’s not go through another summer feeling “less than!”

The other thing? There is SWAG involved in this situation. I will be giving away goodies bags and products galore for anyone who participates in this little weigh loss journey with me. We’re talking workout gear, makeup, jewelry – the whole nine yards.

I’m going to take you with me on interviews with nutritionists, exercise gurus and all sorts of fabulous fashion and beauty folks to give you the inside scoop on what exercises you’ll want to try, great tips for wardrobe and makeup and fantastic things you can eat and drink to help you on your journey.

If you want to participate, all you have to do is leave a comment on any of the posts marked with the “40 in 40” number and you’re automatically in! Every Friday, leave how much you’ve lost on the post and we’ll get there together.

Ready to get started? Leave a comment below and let’s get going! OH, and you can also follow the progress and get involved by following me on Twitter with the #40lbsin40weeks hashtag and on our Facebook page. There will be special little presents there. 🙂

Let’s do this, people! 40 lbs in 40 weeks!


3 Responses to Want To Lose Weight This Spring? Join Me On The “40 in 40” Challenge!

  1. Anne Lewis says:

    I am in!! Just have to figure out how to eat healthy and exercise when I am traveling a lot this year! But, let’s go!

  2. Allie says:

    WOMAN! I am so excited to join you on this journey. I don’t know where I’ve been all these weeks you’ve been on WW. I’m just catching up now! When I started I had 42 pounds to lose, and I have already lost 16. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the Points Plus plan! Anyway, I have 26 more lbs. to go. Hopefully I can still participate by losing 26-in-40! PS: MY WW screen name is Ginger686; you BEST BE ADDING ME to your friends’ list on WW!

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