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Kristin Booker • July 9, 2013

Watch It: Dove Asks The World When We Got So Camera Shy

There are a few brands out there right now that are truly beginning to understand what beauty is all about, and one of my personal favorites is Dove. The brand and it’s self-esteem building Real Women campaigns have done something I’ve truly admired, which is they try to meet you where you are, wherever you are. They don’t stand above you and say, “If you can raise your standards to achieve this idea of beauty, we’ll be here.” Instead, they come to you and say what we’ve wanted to hear for the longest time, “We think you’re gorgeous. We want to YOU to see what we see.”

A moment where my photographer had to make me laugh to ensure I was less self-conscious in a photo. Image courtesy of giafrese

A moment where my photographer had to make me laugh to ensure I was less self-conscious in a photo. Image courtesy of giafrese

Their newest video begs a question that I’ve been pondering for a bit: when did we get so camera shy? I loved the video so much, I wanted to show it to you:

I also wanted to share their research stats, because these are staggering:
Beauty anxiety is the main reason why women are camera shy.

  • More than half of women (57%) admitted that worrying how they will look is likely to have a negative impact on how they feel in front of the camera
  • On average, women become more self-conscious in front of the camera at the age of just 24
  • 55% of women are more camera shy now compared to 10 years ago

Women are missing out on capturing memories.

  • 63% of women have destroyed photos of themselves
  • Digital photos are even more likely to be destroyed than printed copies (55% vs 25%)
  • Nearly 1 out of 3 have stopped photos being taken or later destroyed photos of a beach holiday, a significant party with friends/family and even their own graduations

Digital photos are increasing women’s sense of camera shyness.

  • Being tagged in a photo on a social network causes more than half of women to feel more anxious about the way they look
  • Almost half (46%) have de-tagged, deleted or removed a photo of themselves
  • 41% have done something to a photo of themselves to enhance their looks before posting it online

The reason I wanted to share this is because I’ve also struggled a lot with having photos taken. The whole reason I do outfit photos and beauty shots is because I’m an average-sized person with a particular look and I want to show you that if I can do it, so can you. But I caught myself cringing for the first few outfit shoots that were done, eyes immediately darting at parts of my body that are the most sensitive to me.

Gals, there’s a moment where you have to put the weapons of self-loathing down, where the battle of You vs. Your Body has to stop. Every single day, we miss moments of our lives because we don’t meet some ideal that’s being fed to us by a society that has a very narrow view of what the word “beauty” means. Our bodies are a beautiful fact, a vessel through which we get to experience life. What does that say about how we live if we’re too busy worrying about how it looks? We’re missing the good stuff, y’all. Let’s stop.

We ALL struggle with accepting how we look and whether our angles are right. From now on, I promise to really live to have my life captured and to fight through being camera shy because, in all honestly, I really am.

And if I can do it…so can you.




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