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Kristin Booker • September 10, 2014

Watch This: Anna Wintour Answers 73 Questions

I try to be really selective about posting other people’s videos on the site, but this one was just too good. Everyone is dying to get a sight or two of American Vogue’s famed Editor-in-Chief and Conde Nast Artistic Director Anna Wintour at Fashion Week.

I see her each season randomly, but I was actually startled at the Ralph Lauren Polo for Women presentation (for which I’m currently editing photos) to turn around and find that she was standing behind me with Hamish Bowles. That was, um, a moment. Her eyes literally glitter in the dark like a cat. She’s quite stunning in person and very, very feminine. She smiled at me and I waved like a small child and giggled like Betty Rubble of The Flintstones.

So, yeah, that happened.

At any rate, while I play the internal mind game of whether giggling like a cartoon character at the World’s Most Influential Editor was a poor career choice, please enjoy this video from the crazy kids at The Scene that shows a quick view into Anna’s world and the Vogue offices. Some of the answers are what you’d expect, but I’ll give you a teaser: here’s my favorite question and answer :

“Which of the rumors about you are false?”

She smiles at the camera. “They’re all true.”


Watch it. It’s amazing.


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