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Kristin Booker • June 1, 2012

Weekend Nail Party: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Rock of Ages Collection

So, we all know that I’m LOVE getting my nails done over the weekend. I feel it sets the week off in a good directions. I also feel better if my hands don’t always look like I’ve been breaking rocks in Middle Earth with them. Call me crazy.

It should also be said that I am the world’s biggest Van Halen fan. Specifically Eddie Van Halen. I have had a crush on Eddie since I was 9 years old. Say what you want, but VH is still one of my greatest musical pleasures on earth. I shall never forsake them.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Sticks and Stones from the Rock of Ages collection.

Hence, when I can combine these two loves, it’s safe to say that my excitement level gets close to crazed-screaming-fan level. Which it did this afternoon when the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Rock of Ages Collection hit my office. These nail polish strips are incredibly fast to apply, easy (for those of us who suck at doing our nails) and stay put longer than any other great manicure in my experience.

The Rock of Ages collection has a multitude of 80’s rocker patterns inspired by the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway play, including the ones I’m rocking in the photo: Sticks and Stones, inspired by Eddie’s legendary Frankenstrat.

Other favorites include the others shown: Fingerlace Gloves (very Stevie Nicks), Red-Y To Rock (Sammy Hagar all the way) and Amp it Up (a very Cinderella-esque purple with guitar motif.) There are plenty of others to get your motor running, though, so you can get it pretty much any way you want it, to quote Journey (I could do Rock of Ages music references all day..I’ll spare you.)

Looking to add a little rocker style to your beauty routine? Check out the Sally Hansen Rock of Ages collection, at a drugstore or wherever fabulous Sally Hansen products are sold near you, like your neighborhood Target.

Because, contrary to Sammy, there is more than one way to rock, especially where beauty is concerned. Rock on, nail polish mavens!


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