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Kristin Booker • April 8, 2013

Weight Loss + Fitness Diaries: The First Morning of Equinox Training Camp

Rowing machines? Oh yeah, that's a mere fraction of the workout.

Rowing machines? Oh yeah, that’s a mere fraction of the workout.

OK, so today is Monday and this is the first of many diaries of what it’s going to take to get this final 15 lbs off. This morning was my first session of Equinox Fitness ETC (Equinox Training Camp,) which is a six-week program that works like a bootcamp amalgamation of all of the Equinox classes with some old school trainer tricks thrown in. I’ll have more images for you on Wednesday from the second class, but here’s what went down this morning.

A very large group of us gathered in a Group Fitness room at Equinox’ tony Columbus Circle location. I’m not going to lie: I was nervous. Everyone lined against the wall like we used to do in high school gym class, seemingly as nervous as I was. The best thing about the room is that it was a melting pot of body types and fitness levels, which is refreshing. Because, honestly, you’re already nervous as to what to expect without walking into a room where it looks like people run the Ironman for fun once a year.

Our instructors for today were Rico and Flex. Yes, his name is Flex and by looking at him I would say he’s earned that name – ex-Marine, ripped and incredibly bendy. Over the course of an hour, I worked alone and with a partner to do a series of cardio, strength and flexibility drills – burpees, rowing, jumping jacks, bear crawls, wall sits, overhead presses, crab walks and positions from their new Animal Flow classes (which look incredible,) etc. We’re talking non-stop movement with a couple of sips of water built in.

It’s challenging. Like, extremely challenging. About 35 minutes in, I started to feel my thigh muscles actually get sore. By the time we were on the jll r200 rowing machine, I had lost the ability to speak full sentences. It was everything a Boot Camp promises to be but without the crazy screaming. The instructors were so awesome and supportive that they got more out of me than I expected. I strongly suggest that others who may be motivated to lose weight and make change but feel lost in how to go about it check out the class There are so many good options to explore in the fitness world. You might not have been exposed to the one that is right for you yet, keep on trying new things!

Also, let’s also note that I am evidently going to do more variations of push-ups in six weeks that I’ve done in the past three decades of my life. I’ll have to work up to that.

But, as I’m sitting here, typing this, I’m incredibly enthusiastic about the class. Because, honestly, the whole time I was trying to stay upright and get through the burpees (burpees kill me, I hate them) I kept thinking of myself on my couch in 2006, swollen, unhappy and almost 100 lbs overweight. From that time when I couldn’t even lift my body onto a kitchen counter with my arms to the fact that I can do bear crawls across the floor now without stopping, there’s no comparison…and there’s no stopping me. I have fifteen pounds to go…I want this badly. I already started to see results at the end of the first week since Im also taking this leanbean fat burner supplement.

So, I’m off to soak my body up to my neck in epsom salt, but make no mistake…I’ll be back on Wednesday.

Bring it on, Equinox. I’m ready.


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