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Kristin Booker • July 11, 2011

Weight Loss Diary: Nine Weeks Of Core Fusion at Exhale and The Fragility Of Weight Loss

There’s no video this week because sometimes the written word conveys more. I wanted to make sure I got this week’s diary entry across as best I could. But before I get into the post, let’s look at the results of the Core Fusion Challenge so far. This was me at the beginning of the challenge:

Me right before the Core Fusion Challenge - February 2011

And this photograph was taken of me last week. The total weight loss between these pictures is 26 lbs.

Me nine weeks into the Core Fusion challenge - July 2011

This should make me bulletproof to negative slings about my body, right? Not necessarily. Here’s a recent experience to which some of you might relate:

I went to a beauty event recently where a very well-known celebrity exercise guru (who is not in any way affiliated with exhale or Core Fusion, let me make that clear) was present to talk about how to get the body she advertises for her A-list clients. During the discussion,  I gamely raised my shirt to let her “body type” me and as she placed her hands around the remaining pounds of weight around my stomach, she said:

“Have you had children?”

Ouch. I replied, no, so she smiled and tried to recover by stating that I would have a tough time losing the last fat around my waist as I seemed to gain there first. I think I started to black out when she mentioned the words “excess skin.”

I realized that what this “expert” did was  what a lot of people in the industry do, which is to use every woman’s worst nightmares and deepest insecurities to sell her product. The triple whammy of speaking to “excess skin”, the insecurities around trying to lose weight and to speak to someone’s choices about having children is like the trifecta of damage to self-worth, which enables the bearer of bad tidings to ride in with something to cure those ills. Ugh.

As I realized the damage this comment had done, I did something I’ve not done in a long time, which is to strip completely naked in front of a mirror. My body is a fact. I am well over thirty, I am not married, I do not have children and I have, in fact, been overweight for a good portion of my life. I can see the progress I have made in nine weeks of Core Fusion, I can visualize the body and person I want to be in the future, and I find my new musculature and stronger, leaner physique very sexy. I am not Madison Avenue skinny or traditionally “sexy.” I am Me Sexy and my particular brand of hotness, like all of ours collectively, is mine.

And then I put my clothes back on and tackled my first Core Fusion Cardio class with a renewed vigor. I enjoy the more gentle approach of exhale class instructors, their ability to lead you gently to your best self. I prefer my exercise regimen as a means to a better life, not a play on my insecurities to get a more socially-acceptable physique, thank you very much.

Besides, this formerly unhealthy body just made it through about 300 mountain climbers in an hour of Core Fusion Cardio. That roll around my stomach doesn’t define who I am, nor does anything or anyone else – I do.

What the future holds for relationships and children, I don’t know. But I am on a journey to my best self, my healthiest body and the remaining weight loss ensures that I’ll be able to enjoy my life as a strong, healthy woman. I have 24 lbs to go but bring on the tank tops and fitted clothes – it’s time to enjoy life and to celebrate the body I’m in.

For more information on Core Fusion and or the amazing mind body programs of exhale, please visit their website.


2 Responses to Weight Loss Diary: Nine Weeks Of Core Fusion at Exhale and The Fragility Of Weight Loss

  1. Vyque says:

    OMG you look AMAZING!! Congrats!

  2. Dori says:

    You have made such amazing progress through Core Fusion. I am so sorry that person made you feel bad about yourself. I agree with you about the incredible approach of exhale teachers you inspire you to be your best self without ever feeling badly.

    So happy we got to take Core Fusion Cardio together. You did awesome!!

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