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Kristin Booker • February 12, 2013

Weight Loss Diary: The Results of Week Four of the SHRED Diet Plan by Dr Ian Smith

This is me, the first day of Fashion Week in a pair of jeans that are a whole size down! Thanks, Dr. Ian!

This is me, the first day of Fashion Week in a pair of jeans that are a whole size down! Thanks, Dr. Ian!

Gals and gents, it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I’m currently at New York Fashion Week and with 18-hour days it’s been, well, a challenge to keep up.

BUT, I have promised to keep you apprised of the results of following the SHRED plan, and I’m excited to say that some BIG changes have occurred due to Dr. Smith’s awesome diet and workout regimen. Let’s discuss:

Week Four
Results: 2 lbs lost
Total lbs lost: 9 lbs
Total dress sizes lost: 1 (size 10 to a size 8)


  • Honestly, I cannot remember having so much energy. As in, with a schedule like mine, you’d think it would be really hard to get up in the morning. Nope. Sleep is deep but my energy levels are all good.
  • All my weird cravings for bad food have kind of dissipated. I actually crave salads and vegetables. Also, let me just say that having smoothies ready in the fridge is a lifesaver when you don’t have time to really sit down and eat. A smoothie and a piece of fruit is totally portable and insanely fast. I can “eat” while I type, travel, whatever.
  • I still have trouble with the one-cup-of-coffee a day thing, but I’ve learned to really savor that one 12 oz cup. Also, if you throw cinnamon and cocoa in with skim milk, it tastes delicious. Whether my latte habit will come back remains to be seen.
  • The most amazing miracle isn’t the actual pounds I’m losing, it’s the inches and my appearance. The belly fat that I thought would never go away is GOING AWAY. I cannot TELL YOU how good this feels. I can see the changes in my stomach.
  • All those pants I couldn’t get into? I can get into them. Gals, be warned: your bra size might change. I need to be refitted. All my cups and bands are too big.
  • Your closet will need a touch of refinement. Clothes you thought were too tight will become too loose. You WILL need to go shopping.
  • One last tip: turn off the tv if you’re feeling hungry. We have commercials on 24/7 for tons of food we really shouldn’t eat and it makes you feel like cheating. Just turn on some music, make your meal, then resume your program after you’re full.

I’m on Week Five now and will report back. It’s hard to do while I’m racing around at Fashion Week, but I’m determined to see this through! This diet is amazing and the results really work! Check out the photo! That’s me in a pair of jeans that are a whole size down!



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