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Kristin Booker • March 4, 2013

Weight Loss Diary: The Results Of Week Six of The SHRED Diet by Doctor Ian Smith

Ta-da! 13 lbs lost! Excuse the sloppy workout gear. Laundry day!

Ta-da! 13 lbs lost! Excuse the sloppy workout gear. Laundry day!

Alrighty! This isn’t the absolute and final post, but I wanted to post the results of the official SHRED Diet program by Dr. Ian Smith and how I plan to utilize the diet to finish losing the weight I want to lose:

Week Six
Pounds Lost: 3
Total Weight Lost: 13 lbs
Total Sizes Lost: 1.5 (I’m in a no-man’s land of sizing but I can say I’m in a rock-solid size 8. Denim sizing is all over the place.)
Waist Inches lost: I lost four inches around my waist. 🙂

Notes on the program

  • Week Six is a cake walk compared to the other weeks. You’re used to eating the way you have been for five prior weeks, so the snacks and meals become second nature.
  • You DO get sick of being on a diet by that point, though. It’s like coming out of a really intense romantic relationship where suddenly you become aware that there are actually other people around. But, like any good romantic relationship, the urge to cheat is only that, an urge. You think of all the amazing things that you could do if you could drop the rest of it. So, you stay committed. It’s just that simple. Do I love Magnolia Bakery cupcakes? Absolutely. Do I want the three classes of Core Fusion Cardio or two classes of SoulCycle I’d have to take to burn them off AND keep working out on top of that to stay on track? Nope.
  • Speaking of cheating, I did actually cheat on the diet. I had an unnerving craving for fried chicken one night so I ordered a salad and one thigh. I have never been so grossed out almost immediately afterwards and I was sick to my stomach that entire night. After over a month of not eating crappy food, I might be Crappy Food Intolerant now. But at some point, I’m sure I’ll be a freak and try it again.

At the end of the diet, these are my recommendations:

  • Suck it up and just follow the diet. People I lost 13 lbs in six weeks. That’s crazy pants to me. My body is stronger, trimmer and my belly fat is no longer a struggle. Do you always want to do what Dr. Smith says? No. Should you do it? Yes, if you want change.
  • There are no shortcuts to losing the weight. I still have 15 lbs left to go to reach my ultimate goal, so I’ll be repeating weeks 1-3 over and over again until the weight is gone. I will keep getting up at 6 am to work out, I will keep doing double workouts on Sundays, I will keep making skinless chicken and large salads and sugarless beverages until this is DONE. I want my belly button in the right place more than I want anything that would keep it from getting there.
  • The way you look at food will change. People used to say that to me and I would laugh as I stuffed another buttered roll in my mouth, but it’s a different game now. I look at food as fuel, as the right type of food for the right time of day. I don’t munch, I just keep my blood sugar up by eating properly. It’s a great way to look at food. I also don’t obsess over what I’m having to eat. I just try to pick similar foods to what I’ve been eating and it seems to work just fine. Well, minus the Fried Chicken Incident.

But I’ll keep checking in as the pounds come off. I hope you’ll give the diet a try. Again, 13 lbs is nothing to sneeze at and it just works. Also, again, no one paid me to promote this diet or to go on the diet. I, like you, just wanted something that seemed like it would work. I’m happy this time I chose right.

I’ll check back in as I repeat Weeks 1-2. In the meantime, pick up the book!






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