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Kristin Booker • January 28, 2013

Weight Loss Diary: The Results of Weeks Two and Three of the SHRED Diet Plan by Dr. Ian Smith

Me, 7 lbs lighter and game to try aerial yoga at an event (more on that later.) Photo by the amazing Bryce Gruber Hermon.

Me, 7 lbs lighter and game to try aerial yoga at an event (more on that later.) Photo by the amazing Bryce Gruber Hermon.

Alrighty, so let’s just say that last week was a tad bit hectic. Signed a new client, Fashion Week is coming, life’s getting busy. BUT, I HAVE stayed on the SHRED Diet by Doctor Ian Smith, so let’s talk about the results and the notes:

Week 2
Results: 3 lbs lost


  • I finally adjusted to the eating schedule. I decided to cheat by setting my timer on my phone to go off every 90 minutes to alert me that I needed to eat again.
  • The workout got even easier this week. It’s CRAZY how much energy you have.
  • Without being extremely indelicate or very TMI, you use the bathroom…A LOT. Nothing to be alarmed about, but stay close to the TP and be prepared. The fluids, they are a-flowin’.
  • You can sort of tell that the calorie level is dropping, though. You’re aware that you have to eat because if you’re late, an irrational level of hunger comes upon you. Like, the Will Kill For Food sign is flashing over your head. I started carrying snacks with me.
  • Honestly, I had to keep the caffeine levels a tad higher than expected (you can’t go from 60 mph daily and then totally slam on the brakes without hitting the dashboard…I have too much work to hit the dashboard.) I did, however, realize that regular coffee with a bit of raw sugar and skim milk is not bad. You know what helps? Cinnamon and vanilla powder. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Somehow, I don’t miss lattes right now. I’m not sure what’s happening. My local Starbucks looks perplexed that I’m happy with a smaller cup and without tons of foam lifting the lid off.
  • I’m sleeping like a baby, getting up like cartoon birds are chirping outside my window. Who AM I??


And now, this is what went down in Week 3…

Week 3
Results: 2 lbs lost


  • Dr. Smith says this is the hardest week. He’s not kidding. You live on fruits, vegetables and smoothies that can’t be over 200 calories a piece. Also, hot water with lemon is how you start your day.
  • Smoothies are surprisingly easy to make and I love keeping them in the fridge. The urge to chew is somehow pervasive, though. I took the ice amounts down a bit to make them more “meal-y.”
  • Did you know that it’s almost impossible to find healthy snacks for under 100 calories if you’re out and crazed with hunger? Did you know that Starbucks is not the place to look for these snacks? Did you know that baristas watching customers crazed with hunger, muttering about “those freaking shakes” will back away slowly, ready to call the cops? Note to self: TAKE FOOD WITH YOU.
  • Mom Booker, who is on the diet with me, abhors liquid dieting. She’s angry she can’t “eat” her meals. I’m now supporting myself and my mom, who’s determined to lose the weight but ready to revolt and head to the movies for a vat of popcorn. We make it through.
  • Air-popped popcorn is a thing of magic and will help stave off starvation. Two cups of the stuff with Mrs. Dash on it (Dr. Smith recommends parmesan cheese, I see corn starch on the label and make a different choice) is a thing of magic. Now, when you throw a little olive oil (1 tbsp) it tastes amazing. Is this on the diet? No. Is it CLOSE to being on the diet? Close enough to make me commit to an extra week so I don’t start chewing on the couch.
  • Strangely, I don’t even want diet soda. My cravings for caffeine are slowly starting to wane. In its place are unknown longings for pizza. Like, big time.
  • Thanks to these yoga burn reviews, my workouts have reached a whole new level of performance. I can get through classes that used to bring me close to tears with relative ease. Another inch lost on my waistline. My breasts and stomach are no longer smothering me in plow pose in my yoga class.

Verdict? Week two is easier than Week One, Week Three is HARD, but totally doable. Onto Week Four, but.. pounds lost = 7 lbs in 3 weeks!

On to Week Four! 21 lbs to go to hit goal weight. Will I get there? Will I get close? You’d better believe it. I can see the changes and I WANT THIS BADLY, PEOPLE. Let’s do it!



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