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Kristin Booker • April 11, 2013

Weight Loss + Fitness Diaries: Session Two of Equinox Training Camp

This is the stretching post-workout. You see how sweaty everyone is? Yep, it's no joke in there.

This is the stretching post-workout. You see how sweaty everyone is? Yep, it’s no joke in there.

Yesterday was one of those days where I got up feeling nervous. Wednesday was one of those days that feels like someone asking you to do one more thing is like packing another pair of shoes into an overstuffed suitcase: not impossible but it brings about the lamenting and whining that usually ensues. But a workout was part of the day’s schedule, so it was off to Equinox Training Camp (ETC) I went. Because 15 lbs waits for no one, especially when I’m going to be traveling for the next few weeks.

The second session seemed to go MUCH faster than the first. My sassy, cocky side would like to say it’s because I’m just that much stronger from the first session, but I think it’s just the mental conditioning that you’re there and you might as well go with it. The pace was quick and more drills were done. We infused more Animal Flow (a workout at Equinox based on animal movements that build muscle, agility and stamina – go to L.I.F.E. Health and Fitness website for details) and then we broke into teams where we ran suicides (for those who don’t know, they’re running drills where you go for certain distances at a time as fast as you can, then repeat) while our partners slammed gigantic medicine balls, then we switched. We then ran across the floor and one partner rowed while the other held plank pose for a solid minute. We used weights, we did burpees (again, I hate burpees), we did more push-ups that evolved into side planks…it was fast, it was frantic, it was tough.

At the end of it, which is when these photos were taken, we ended in a delicious few minutes of stretching, which I was thrilled to do. You’re incredibly aware of how your energy has been expended. It’s a workout where you know you got a great workout in. At the end of the class, I have to report that I wasn’t as winded as the first time. I believe this is partly because I ate better (I went in on coffee and hope the first class…and I KNOW BETTER) and the other part is – and I mean this sincerely – I’m really much physically stronger than I thought. I hate push-ups, but I can do them. I think the cardio endurance I’m going to build will really help.

I’m excited about the instructors, who are just as excited and caring as you’d want them to be (my ex-Marine friend Flex co-taught the class with Danielle this time) and it was a high-energy experience. But I do have to say that it brings out the over-achiever in everyone. I was next to a guy who was so into running the suicides he kept swinging his arms wildly so he would be in front of the other runners because we were nervous he’d hit us. Keep it up, Jack. Karma’s a bitch.

Tomorrow is session three, so I’m resting up again before I go in for more. What lies in store for me tomorrow? I have no idea but I’m throwing down grilled chicken salad tonight in anticipation. The person who was crying on her couch 78 + pounds ago is ready for this part of the journey to be over. I’m back for more. Let’s do this.

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