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Kristin Booker • April 26, 2011

Weight Loss Video Diary: The Results Of Five Days Of Core Fusion at Exhale

So, last week I told you that I was starting this whole new exercise regimen to really kick the 40 in 40 program into high gear. That’s right – I signed on to do the 90-day Core Fusion Challenge at exhale. It started in earnest last Thursday so I thought I would report in and let you know if the program works (absolutely) and how things are going.

Let me start by saying I was really intimidated to start this journey. It had everything to do with my own mind, by the way, not the class. I think if you’ve ever experienced obesity, there’s something intimidating about perceiving yourself as “the biggest girl in the room” that sticks with you. I mustered up the courage to walk into my first class with Tyler Ingram at the Upper East Side location with this perception in mind. Call me nervous, sure. A quitter? Never.

Core Fusion is – make no mistake –  challenging. You will work muscles you didn’t even know you HAD. You start off by firing up your core and then you keep it engaged the entire class while working every segment of the body. The movements are small, very precise and use low weight or gravity to work the muscle and reshape it in a way that no other workout can.

A flatter stomach? Yes, please! Image courtesy: exhale

The results? You can see for yourself in the video to a small degree but let’s list them quickly so you understand how mind-blowing just the first five DAYS of results have been:

– I measure my waist pretty regularly and I’ve lost two inches around that part of my anatomy. That’s three classes in five days and two inches lost around my waist. It took me three months of gym workouts to achieve those results.
– My clothes already fit differently. Those size 33 jeans? Too big. I’m rapidly working my way down to a 31 as we speak and I’m pretty sure in two weeks, I’ll be able to fit into them. That jacket in the video? I’ve NEVER been able to button it and the arms were super tight just last Monday. It FITS now.
– My abdominals are running my life now. As in, they fire up to protect my posture without being asked to do so. I was walking down the street the other day carrying a heavy bag and I could feel my abs and lats fire up to pick up the slack from my shoulder and my back. WINNING.
– There’s a connection that’s being made between me and my body that hasn’t happened in years. I go to other workouts to zone out and disengage from my body in order to relieve stress. Core Fusion (with the exception of yoga) is the only workout where I am completely engaged in my body the entire time.

Oh, and the fear of being the biggest girl in the room? I’m not and that’s not the important thing. I’m on a journey, a road I’ve never traveled to be my best, happiest, healthiest self. It’s not about being the biggest girl in the room. It’s the fact that I’M IN THE ROOM – and that I’m there to stay.

I’ll be giving another update on Friday, at which point I’ll actually post my weight and further results. I’m back to class again today, so feel free to follow my journey at @fashionstbeauty on Twitter. If you’d like to try Core Fusion yourself (I highly recommend it,)  check out exhale’s website to find the nearest location near you or to give the DVDs a try.

Little red bikini? Here I come!


3 Responses to Weight Loss Video Diary: The Results Of Five Days Of Core Fusion at Exhale

  1. Dori says:

    Amazing. I am not at all surprised because I had a similar life-changing experience with Core Fusion. So excited for you and can’t wait to keep following your progress!

  2. Jess says:

    This is awesome!! Similar to Dori, I’m a die-hard Core Fusion addict…a fairly new thing for me, but seriously I’ve been amazed. I’m so excited you’ve already seen such great results. If you EVER get a chance to take a class with Fred DeVito – DO it. He is amazing.

  3. Sule Welch says:

    Hey Kristin!!! It’s been wayyyy too long! As fate would have it I’m a Core Fusion teacher at Exhale/Atlanta. So glad you are enjoying the results of a fabulous training method developed by a dynamic duo Fred & Elisabeth. Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing more about your continued success in health and life…all the best to you my old NB Buddy!

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