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Kristin Booker • March 7, 2011

Weight Watchers Video #4: It’s About Forgiveness and Not Being So Hard On Yourself

A LOT went down between the last video I did as part of the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program and this one. I lost about seven pounds, which was amazing. I’ve reduced my alcohol intake (which SUCKS but it’s helping tremendously with the weight loss) and have started going to the gym five times a week.

But I have to tell you that the pounds that I lost during the month of February were some of the hardest I’ve ever had to lose. I worked more hours than I’ve ever worked in my life. Fashion Week happened and then the Oscars. Add to that I’ve had a MAJOR career change (I’m now working for myself again) and you’ve got the makings of a rather hectic month full of arguments with myself outside of fried chicken places or avoiding having a drink or three to forget that the day, even the week just happened. I skipped the gym to grab an extra hour of sleep. I’m sure I gained three pounds of water weight under my eyes. I basically stumbled and fell down.

When I got on the scale a couple of weeks ago, I thought that I had dropped a few more pounds but my weight was constant. I, holding a Master of Arts in Being Hard on Yourself, applied every guilt trip, every negative self comment I could hurtle at myself:  All these tools and you’re still heavy. You suck at life.

At which point I caught myself doing that for the first time in my life and thought, Why am I being so hard on myself for surviving one of the toughest times in my personal history? I wouldn’t talk to ANYONE that way, why would I speak that way to myself? So, I basically told myself to shut up and back up off myself and I took my butt to the gym.  I didn’t dive into the potato chips, I grabbed a salad (I did add a little extra grilled salmon, I won’t lie.) Hey, it’s hard work losing a pound. I’ve lost seven! Only forty left to go!

Well, it wasn’t THAT chipper but it WAS effective to make the self-loathing stop.

Look, we all know that some of us who have weight issues got there for whatever reason but the main reason we’ve STAYED there is because we can be completely unrealistic about what it really takes to take off that weight. We don’t drop five pounds in a week or at least ten in a month and we’ve obviously failed, so we dive into a bucket of ice cream and give up. This is not the way to go.

Read simply, DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. The fact that you’re doing something about losing weight is amazing and if you stick with it and do it methodically (1-2 lbs a week) it will STAY OFF. We’re a remote control society and we’re used to getting what you want the second you want it but weight loss doesn’t work that way. Find workouts you like and stick to a healthy eating plan like Weight Watchers Points Plus. The recipes are amazing and delicious and will keep you honest and the tracker will help you make the right choices. You’re doing all the right things. Stay the course and forgive yourself. You – and your body- are only human.

Oh, and all those gossip rags that report that celebrities lose 20 pounds in a week or some inane crap like that? THEY SUCK. You hear me? THEY FULL ON SUCK. Don’t read that crap in the checkout line, it’s a bunch of bull. Just focus on yourself and what works for you.

Slow and steady wins the race and it’ll feel a lot better and be a lot more fun if you’re not screaming at yourself in an angry manner. Forgive yourself for being heavy, be nice to yourself and reward yourself as you keep losing weight. We’ll get there, I promise.

And with that, you’ll have to excuse me: I’m off to the gym.

FTC Disclosure Notice: As part of their blogger program, Weight Watchers has provided me with free access to the online version of their program and other tools  for me to review the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program. I am not a Weight Watchers employee and have not been compensated for this post.



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