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Kristin Booker • March 9, 2011

Winning, Losing…It’s Time To Save Myself From Charlie Sheen


I wrote last Saturday in my firm belief that reality television is like a cavity that’s causing decay and illness in our society. I meant that sincerely and then, like everyone else, I got sucked into the Charlie Sheen scandal. I’ve always had a bit of a bad boy crush on Charlie, a man who -until recently – seemed almost untouchable when it came to reproach. The more he sinned, the more we ate it up as a society. This past week had me watching 20/20 broadcast with mixed emotions and playing around on Twitter, splashing around in all the comments from the U-Stream broadcast. Last night, I even watched a VH1 broadcast with Dr. Drew where he explained all of the possible illnesses and causes of Sheen’s extreme behavior. And that’s when it hit me…

Oh my God. Am I contributing to the issue?

Yes, yes I was.

Ew. There’s nothing fashionable, beautiful or stylish thing to be entertained by someone’s death and personal destruction, at least not in my personal opinion.

I’m pretty sure there’s something about Sheen’s behavior that appeals to the voyeur in all of us for one reason or another. We’re fascinated that he somehow seems to be above the law. Maybe you’ve always to live that rock and roll lifestyle and you’re glued to how long he can keep going. I’m pulling the plug. I don’t want to encourage him further into his own gladiator ring, feeding himself to his own lions.

And so, I apologize for the post about the t-shirt bearing his likeness originally and I’ll be moving on with other topics. What he’s going to do, I don’t know but I wish him health, sobriety and happiness.

Somewhere inside of him, inside of all of us, is something incredibly strong and beautiful and untamed in a good way. I hope he finds that again (or maybe for the first time.) That’s something I’d be happy to watch.


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